Zero Knowledge Proof

Chapter 1: Introduction

As we all know “Data is the new oil”, in light of this sentence one can say that in the new era of technology so many organizations cum companies are trying to collect as much as information or say data about you as they can, so in the race of collecting data for serving one’s purpose(s) or for selling goods and services to particulars and earn profit is the one of the top most agenda in the current time. So, to full-fill the just mentioned agendas the key is “Data” or to be more precise “information” of particular behaviour or…


This article will provide the solutions of some of the questions on the subject of DESIGN AND ANALYSIS OF ALGORITHM which are asked in gate examination. The provided solution also contains the explanation of answers.

In Binary Search Tree (BST)we know that for each node in the tree, left-sub tree of that particular node contains lesser value than the parent node and similarly for right-sub tree that it contains higher value than the parent node.

Basically, we know the key values of the each node, but let say we also know the frequencies of each node in the process of searching, means that how much time particular node is being searched. So, by knowing the frequencies of each node and their key values we can find the overall cost of searching.

In many applications the…

Dhruvil Kotecha

Pursuing Computer Engineering From Birla Vishwakarma Mahavidyalaya,Anand,Gujarat,India

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